Value of collection

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Vira Matkovska with her selfless work and expense collected in villages in Ternopil region of Borshchiv area, great and unique value for artistic identity and ethnic costume collection.

Among the dozens of items are those which have no analogues in the existing museums and private collections.

An important feature of the collection of Vira Matkovska, like any such museum is its rarity, that is the era artifact that will step back and will never be repeated. Storing a collection of national importance to take the country and its culture.

Another feature of the collection of famous it among other museums and private collections of Ukrainian folk art, it is the presence in the middle of the twentieth century shirts.

With its artistic and stylistic and technical features - is another unique page history of Ukrainian folk art, to some extent saved by collector.

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The traditional costume is an important Ukrainian heritage, inherited in part on the integrity or ancestors. Embroidered Shirt - one of the most effective elements of folk costumes, which helps to look back in time to discover the mystery and magic of folklore, often marked by deep hidden wisdom, a philosophical attitude to life and the course of time.

Private collection of embroidered shirts Vira Matkovska shows not only respect and respect for the Ukrainian cultural heritage, but also serves as a source of reflection on the continuity of tradition and preservation of national identity.

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